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Institute of Leo XIII is a conservative think-tank.

Our mission is:

Unveil clandestine organizations

Means to fulfill the mission of pope Leo XIII., to "to tear away the mask from Freemasonry". This mission has to be understand in the context of other papal encyclicals dedicated to this subject. Freemasonry represents one of the most sophisticated of the clandestine organizations. Their main aim was and still is the disintegration of church, society and family; this is required for establishing of a New Age of society. The New World Order. Pope Paul VI and his successors uses to described this fruits of this agenda as the "Civilization of Death". Therefore, our aim is to expose clandestine organisations by educating people and by building public awareness of them.

Network, educate and mobilize ·

  • The main activity of ILXIII's is to network conservative organisations and persons from clergy, business, media, politic to form together effective medial and public campaigns. Mobilize the public for Pro-Life values by organizing by using Direct Mail and social networking techniques.
  • Secondly to educate and inform conservative intellectuals by publish books, organizing lectures and conferences and forming the public opinion.
  • Giving consultant support in legislation, organization, project planning, fundraising, and IT technology for starting Pro-Life NGOs.
  • Cooperate with international Pro-Life NGOs on multi-national campaigns to boycott "culture of death" legislations in EU and UN.

Propagate Pro-Life values

Promoting "civilisation of Life" by advocating the establishment of society on the basis of Christian principles in conformity with the great social encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII and his successors. By: · Fostering legislative protection of human life from the conception to natural death. · Protecting the unique status of christian marriage and traditional family. · Propagating Christian education on state schools.

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