Pro Christus, Patria et Ecclesi
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Our Vision

  We are a think-tank dedicated to foster the establishment of society on the basis of Christian principles in conformity with the great social encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII and his successors [1];

  We see the cultural and social disintegration of the western countries as a result of systematic and tedious work of radical, enlightened, revolutionary movements and organizations. Groups openly attacking Christianity, aiming to silence and replace it by new modernistic, social experiments. Utopian concepts, which do require a morally and socially "liberated" man.

  Therefore, we recognize the necessity of building a strong and public Christian opposition to the networked clandestine societies and the advocates of, what Pope Paul VI once called, the "Civilization of Death". The reconciliation of modern society and the protection of the human dignity will be only possible if the Christians step out of the shadow of silence and formulate a clear and united pubic voice.

  We recognize that this urgent mission, frequently formulated by Popes in the last centuries [2], is needed to get started by building a public awareness of the presence of the organized and well funded "culture of death" coalition striving to suppress Christianity.

  We believe that the cultural restoration of the Christian values in society, has to start from the central and east europe countries that still remained, into some extent, catholic.  (Slovakia, Poland, Ukraina, Chroatia). These countires have to bring the light of the gospel back to western world. Ex Oriente Lux!

  We are aware that these goals are only possible to be achieved by working in the unity with the Catholic Church and his holy magisterium and therefore we dedicate our work in the hands of our Lord, for the glory of Christ and his bride the Holy Catholic Church. Amen.

[1] - Rerum novarum by Leo XIII, etc.

[2] - Humanum Genus by Leo XIII, etc.

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